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The World on your Fingers

Technology on your Fingertips

Access to the Internet is perhaps one of the best things that has happened in our time. We use it for almost everything. It is our library of books, movies, music, and friends. It keeps us busy and entertained at the same time. The Internet affects our generation the most, but as children now born into this technological age, we can sometimes be limited to it. Before the Internet, encyclopedias were important because they held information now available through search engines. Now, researching something online will save time and possibly money because even though it may be nice to own a collection of encyclopedias, they can be costly and research can be time consuming. Although some may argue that encyclopedias were better than search engines, I believe that the Internet facilitates quicker and easier learning, without the hassle of flipping through endless encyclopedia pages. It is also easy to access public libraries with the help of the Internet. Books can be placed on hold or on request with just the click of a button. Also the world’s libraries of bookstores are available online. Music and entertainment are important to us. On the Internet, we are offered free music, entertainment videos and movies as well as educational videos and tutorials. Before technology and the Internet, we had radios or had stereos in our homes. Records and cassettes were costly compared to what is available online. With the Internet, entertainment and education is provided at a lesser cost or none at all. This helps to make our world simpler and more accessible. There are also the options of ordering food online. Restaurants are now on your fingertips, making sleepovers a lot more fun. Shopping is made easier because almost all stores are online. There are no lines or the need to shuffle through endless supplies to find the right one. It is now easier to catch up with friends on the many faces of social media. School breaks are no longer heartbreaking because friends can be constantly updated on what their friends are doing and where they are. Even discussing homework is easier through conference calls available through a number of online applications. Just in case a friend decides to move to another country, we can always depend on the Internet to keep us close. These are only a few reasons why the Internet is one of the most amazing things to have happened to our generation. Still there is more to be discovered. There is no doubt that our generation will create much advancement in the Internet world.

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