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A Walk In The 16th Century

Photo credit: Deborah Grosmark

One1_Fall_2015-2New York Renaissance Faire recently celebrated their 38th Anniversary. The faire, located in Tuxedo, New York, is a rollicking romp through the Elizabethan England era, set within the Sterling Forest. Fans and guests traveled back in time and joined Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I, on a grand visit to the faire based in the 16th century. Like every year, hundreds of brightly costumed performers took the stage and fill the bustling streets with laughter and cheers. The quaint village came alive with acrobatics, magicians, jugglers, swashbuckling pirates, and more. Storytellers were ready to tell an elaborate tale within small nooks throughout the forest. The marketplace featured over one hundred artisans, and savory sweets and tempting treats were there to be had while a chess match kept you entertained. And just in case those didn’t fit your fancy, then there was the option of cheering on your favorite knight at the joust tournament or meet Robin Hood and his Merry Men. The faire begins in August and goes through September of every year.

Photo credit: Deborah Grosmark


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