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  • Dads in today’s world

    There is no doubt that most men have proven themselves more than able to care for our little ones. They may not have the natural instincts that mothers have but they have stuck it out and shown that they too can equally contribute to raising our children. In recent times many men have become stay…

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  • Carnival in the Caribbean

    Carnival in the Caribbean and Latin America is an explosion of creativity and culture. It is where music, food and costume come alive. Carnival is really a public celebration, a public street party and/or parade. In the Caribbean these frolicking celebrations, some lasting for days, date back as far as the days of slavery. Trinidad’s,…

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  • Music in School: How Soon is too Soon?

    “I don’t want my child to start a class in music when music is something she may never use in her adult life. I’ve heard that music is good for the logical side of the brain and I am not debating this, but I also know adults who have never learnt to play a musical…

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  • Molding Little Readers

    “I hate reading!” This is perhaps one of the most painful lines a parent will hear. But it does not have to be the case. There are ways to encourage our little ones to want and enjoy reading. We do not need the experts to tell us that reading is important. However, some tips to…

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