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  • Glimpse of Asia

    In a lot of fantasy movies, many people see amazing landscapes and complex cultures that they crave to experience. Sadly, the movie ends and they are left thinking that those fantastical views and cultures are false. Well fear not, because the real world itself is a wondrous place. One of the places that has an…

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  • Football in Europe

    Football is a game of fierce competition, sportsmanship and massive international followings. Since it holds a title of debatably being one of the most popular sports in the world, many don’t know where its origins come from or the reasons why it’s played as it is. The origin of football can be traced back to…

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  • The Birth of Cricket in the Caribbean

    Cricket is deeply rooted in the Caribbean culture. It was a game first enjoyed by the English around the year 1598. It then quickly caught on in India and the islands. One popular account of its history is that the game began in the southeast part of England, where the sheep’s paddock gate was the…

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  • Two Dominating Traits of Humans

    It is said that the human race is a complex species. We have behaviors that may never be fully understood. Perhaps the worst and best qualities humans possess are insecurity and generosity. Insecurity is defined as someone lacking in confidence or experiencing degrees of uncertainty or anxiety about themselves. It is like an infection of…

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