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  • Hand-knotted rug is not for me mommy

    In a little village in Pakistan, eleven years old Ameera lived with her mother in a house made of weaved branches. Her dad died when she was only 2 months old. Instead of going to school, she worked in a sweatshop where she made expensive hand-knotted rugs with her little fingers for a mere five…

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  • The Squad Initiation

    I walked out the door for another day of what seems to be a long hard year of high school. It’s not the classes that I think are hard, but my social ‘position’/‘rank’ at school.  There is this one group of girls who are very popular, swag, and let’s say well known in school. Pretty…

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  • The Secret Hidden Away

    “Meronica! I am tired of watching that show. You should get ready so that we could go buy your dress and new shoes,” mom said. “Just ten more minutes?” I said. Mom was excited about celebrating my birthday in a few weeks. “I’ve got to go to work,” she shouted over her shoulder as she…

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  • Being a Friend

    I felt myself falling...floating. Then my eyes opened and I was on the floor. It was 7:30 as I had planned on waking up. Since school started at 8:30, it meant that I had enough time. I quickly showered, brushed my teeth…the typical morning routine. I grabbed my backpack and again, glanced at my clock…

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