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  • Chinese History on a Budget

    I had always been fascinated by Chinese culture as a child. My mother’s grandfather being Chinese may have had something to do with it, but my mother’s family grew up in Ecuador though. My mother grew up involved in Chinese/Ecuadorian specific clubs and culture in her hometown. There was, and still is, a Chinese population…

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  • A Surprisingly Cool Vacation Destination

    While planning my vacation last year, I was faced with the usual Caribbean options. The thing is, I don’t like to go to the same vacation spot twice. That’s why a Groupon offer caught my attention with special pricing to Iceland. Surprisingly, I knew a handful of friends who had already gone to Iceland. The…

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  • 10 Travel Destinations in Canada

    Photo Credits/ Image Courtesy: (Niagara Falls) dexchao at; (Cavendish Beach) artur84 at; (L’Anse aux Meadows) Gualberto107 at; (Hotel de Glace) Xavier Dachez; (Thermëa) Photolux/Thermëa; (Anthabasca Glacier) Vichaya Kiatying- Angsulee at; (Great Bear Rainforest) moggara12 at; (Mount Logan) caminoel at; (Dogsledding) Poulsen Photo at; (Bay of Dundy) 9comeback at…

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