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  • The Colours of Jade

    Jade is hard stone, usually a green stone, made of jadeite and nephrite.  It is also found in other colours such as white, orange, yellow, black and lavender. Not only is jade stunning and beautiful, it's durable and dates back thousands of years, even back to the Stone Age, where weapons, jewellery and tools were made. The magnificent, dazzling stone was…

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  • Timeless Gold

    Gold jewelry, ladies, does it ever go out of style? Of course not! Gold is classic and timeless and it’s in fashion this spring on the runways of London, Milan and Paris. Gold, a warm metal, is gaining a lot of attention this spring. It can be worn bold and chunky, simple and delicate, as well as layering…

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  • Larimar Stone

    Found in the province of Barahona in the Dominican Republic, this rare blue stone is called Larimar or the "Atlantis Stone". Larimar’s blue embodies the earth in the blues of the sea and sky. The first mention of this stone was in 1916, but it did not make its appearance until 1974. Norman Rilling, a…

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  • Broaches & Pearls

    One can expect the return of classic pearls and broaches, and some modern chunky jewellery, like statement necklaces and layering. Pearls are also added to the list of classy, yet chic, jewellery this fall. They are loved for their versatility because a string of pearls can be worn with a pair of jeans or the…

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