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  • Summer Reading Challenge

    By the time this article goes to print, your child will probably uttered the following statement a dozen times by now…”I’m bored. There’s nothing to do.” Our children look forward to summer vacation as early as June 1st. But, by July 1st, they miss everything about school. Well almost everything. They certainly don’t miss the…

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  • Students and Stress

    Stress is a term that we hear more and more often. Unfortunately, stress is not limited to adults. Students and children can also become victims of stress. Students spend quite a bit of their day at schools and as a result, teachers and staff may observe certain behaviours that may suggest your child is stressed.…

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  • Keeping Mentally Busy

    Let’s face it, children always look forward to the holidays. Whether it’s the summer, winter, spring break, Thanksgiving, etc. Children can’t seem to get enough time away from school. I was the same. I am sure we all were. School can be an intensive experience for children. Breaks are worked into the academic calendar for…

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  • Being Proactive in your Child’s Academic Life

    Another school year is well underway and while our children may have already adjusted to their new teachers and schedules, it does not mean that our jobs as parents have gotten easier. If anything, this is a crucial time to be proactive in our children’s academic life since this is the beginning of school. With…

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