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Shamar Persaud
  • Evergreen Eyes

    Those intricate stares from those obscure eyes of yours release into Hell's Heaven, for I cannot stay in the warmth of the cold rain. My senses are numbed with every drop, those icy lips blind my mind and all I recognize is your beauty. I will not destroy the only blessing left in my world,…

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  • Remember Me?

    If I ever have to have a past, I'd prefer it to be multiple choice. Will you remember me like a God? Will you forget me like a fly on the wall? The people in white tell me, "There's nothing wrong with you." But you and I both know that there's plenty wrong with me.…

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  • Sapphire Eyes

    Why do I feel loved inside the hurricane? I am the kite you see in the sky, trying to escape from all real reasons. For all I need is to fall into your eyes… into the fire… into the wild and somehow all is right with the world. For the flame that once burned is…

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  • Do I Live to Please

    Do we wake up and ask ourselves, “Do I love myself for who I am?” or “Do I love myself for others?” Too often we care more about what others think of us. Sometimes it is in an effort to be popular, the fear of disappointing or a desperate attempt for attention. Change is sometimes…

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