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Patrick Powell
  • Living and Dying

    With the work I do I often come in contact with doomed people, people who have been told by traditional text book doctors to prepare for their end, “You are dying”, they are told.  This is a lie. It is a lie on many fronts, first of all if we use the medical term “dying”,…

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  • Managing Life’s Stresses

    Our lives teeter between an unrelenting whirlwind of chaotic demands and unending and merciless torrent of unreasonable requests. Our lives consist of insatiable, forever wanting offspring to at times uncompromising spouses. Our lives dance to the whip of uncompromising taskmasters while we cower in fear from relentless hordes of collectors and never ending obligations. The…

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  • A Meditative World

    I believe that we come into the world meditating. We are born with our minds clear of distraction, unproductive and destructive thoughts, which often tend to clutter our mind as time moves along. We are born with our spirit free of the weight of regrets and guilt, free of the biases of expectations, and the…

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