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Being a Friend

I felt myself falling…floating. Then my eyes opened and I was on the floor. It was 7:30 as I had planned on waking up. Since school started at 8:30, it meant that I had enough time. I quickly showered, brushed my teeth…the typical morning routine. I grabbed my backpack and again, glanced at my clock before leaving home at 8:15. School was only a five minute walk so I still had time. I didn’t unpack everything in my locker because I knew I’d be carrying almost everything around in my bag. The bell rang and I hurried. As I was running, I bumped into a girl with short, wavy, black hair and tan skin. “Sorry,” I quickly apologized. “It’s alright, I’m Jasmine by the way,” she said.

“Bella,” I responded. She was also going to my class so I invited her to walk with me. In class, we found seats next to each other. While our teacher talked, a group of girls began throwing crumpled paper at Jasmine.
Hey,” she whispered almost shyly. I picked up one of the paper balls and slowly opened it. Inside were words which were hard to read because of the wrinkled leaf. I was able to read the words though. I looked over to Jasmine who had one of the crumpled messages in her hand. I suspect that it was bad, even though she didn’t say. I don’t know if the one she had was exactly as the one I opened but the frown on her face told me that it wasn’t. “It must be a first day thing. Don’t worry about it,” she shrugged it off and we continued to class. Finding a lunch table to sit at was difficult as we expected. All were occupied except for one next to the rowdy group but we were hopeful.


We hoped that the group wouldn’t notice us walking by. We were wrong. Samantha (Sam), the leader of the group, stretched her leg out just as Jasmine walked by causing her to fall on her food. Sam and everyone in the cafeteria laughed. Jasmine quickly got up and ran to the bathroom. I decided she needed some alone time, so I sat down and quietly ate while wondering why Sam was picking on Jasmine. I thought that it was because she was new. After a few minutes, Jasmine came and sat beside me. Everyone laughed. “You ok?” I asked. “Yeah, I guess,” she sighed. A few days later as Jasmine and I were walking through our street, Sam and two girls walked up to us. “Why are you bothering me?” Jasmine asked. “Aww… do you want to know?” Sam responded mockingly. “Umm… yes that’s why I just asked,” Jasmine said. “Shut up!” Sam growled and pushed Jasmine. Jasmine fell on the sidewalk and Sam and her friends walked away laughing. As I helped Jasmine up, she began crying. She quickly wiped her tears and turned to me. “Why aren’t you saying anything? You’re just standing there, watching,” her voiced suddenly higher. “What! Do you want Sam to go for me?” I wanted to say but instead I shrugged. “You don’t know? Wow. You don’t know why you were just standing there?” she asked annoyed. “I’m walking alone from now.” Then she walked away leaving me standing there confused.

I wanted to tell mom. I thought that she would have had some wise advice because I’ve never been in a situation like this before. I thought that Jasmine should have told a teacher or me that she was hurting but she had said that she was fine. “Hey mom, can I ask you something?” I asked nervously later as mom prepared dinner. “Sure. What’s wrong?” she dropped what she was doing and looked at me. “My new friend Jasmine has been bullied lately and by lately I mean on the first week of school,” I blurted. “And I don’t know how to help.” I wanted to stand up to the bully but I was afraid that she would have turned on me. “Hmm, well you’re doing the right thing and telling an adult which is helping your friend, Jasmine,” she paused in thought. “Should I tell the principal about it and then we’ll see what happens from there?” “Ok, but don’t tell anyone that it was me,” I quickly added. “Then how will Jasmine know that you defended her,” mom smiled. “I’ll tell her,” I smiled and hugged her.

The next day was the day Sam was suppose to stop bullying Jasmine. It was just another day until I got called into the principal’s office. As I walked through the corridors I wondered why she wanted to see me, that was when I realized that it must have been for Jasmine’s bullying problem. “Hello Bella.” My principal motioned me over the chair on the other side of her desk. “I’ve heard that Jasmine is being bullied. Is that correct?” she asked. “Yes,” was all I could say as I sat on the hard, wooden chair. “Can you tell me who is bullying her and what they did?” I related everything that was done to my friend before I was sent back to class. Later, Jasmine and Sam were called separately to meet with the principal. “Thank you,” Jasmine whispered as she hugged me. “Wait, how did you know that it was me?” I asked pulling away. “I figured as much,” she smiled and together we walked to the cafeteria.

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