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  • Carnival in the Caribbean

    Carnival in the Caribbean and Latin America is an explosion of creativity and culture. It is where music, food and costume come alive. Carnival is really a public celebration, a public street party and/or parade. In the Caribbean these frolicking celebrations, some lasting for days, date back as far as the days of slavery. Trinidad’s,…

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  • Changes of Bridal Wear

    An overwhelming number of weddings in the Caribbean have embraced the concept of the bridal gown, particularly popular in North America and Europe. Other than that, not much has changed in terms of cultural ceremonies. It all started approximately 180 years ago when Queen Victoria wore a gown of her favourite colour, white, when she…

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  • Larimar Stone

    Found in the province of Barahona in the Dominican Republic, this rare blue stone is called Larimar or the "Atlantis Stone". Larimar’s blue embodies the earth in the blues of the sea and sky. The first mention of this stone was in 1916, but it did not make its appearance until 1974. Norman Rilling, a…

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  • A Walk In The 16th Century

    New York Renaissance Faire recently celebrated their 38th Anniversary. The faire, located in Tuxedo, New York, is a rollicking romp through the Elizabethan England era, set within the Sterling Forest. Fans and guests traveled back in time and joined Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I, on a grand visit to the faire based in the…

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  • Caribbean Carnival in Toronto

    Thousands queued in at the Lakeshore-Boulevard waterfront join the Bank of Nova Scotia for its 48th Toronto Caribbean Carnival over the summer. The carnival, which is said to be one of North America’s largest Caribbean parade, is an international cultural phenomenon where the city explodes with the pulsating rhythms and melodies of calypso, soca, reggae,…

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