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  • Football in Europe

    Football is a game of fierce competition, sportsmanship and massive international followings. Since it holds a title of debatably being one of the most popular sports in the world, many don’t know where its origins come from or the reasons why it’s played as it is. The origin of football can be traced back to…

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  • Many Reasons to Love Cycling

    Now that spring is in the air we all want to spend more time outdoors. Taking up cycling could be one of the best health decisions you can make. Increase Exposure to Daylight - Exercising outside exposes you to more daylight as most of us have been hibernating in the winter. This helps get your…

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  • The Birth of Cricket in the Caribbean

    Cricket is deeply rooted in the Caribbean culture. It was a game first enjoyed by the English around the year 1598. It then quickly caught on in India and the islands. One popular account of its history is that the game began in the southeast part of England, where the sheep’s paddock gate was the…

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