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Evergreen Eyes

Those intricate stares from those obscure eyes of yours release into Hell’s Heaven, for I cannot stay in the warmth of the cold rain.

My senses are numbed with every drop, those icy lips blind my mind and all I recognize is your beauty. I will not destroy the only blessing left in my world, for I know how vindictive it is to wake up every single day without your smile.

I shall be vindicated if the quixotic dreams are possible. Your voice is the only prayer I fall asleep to, the only prayer I have left.

The life I so dearly desire is victimized by my own fears. The wild moon will be stripped of its majestic wonders I’ve put my faith in.

I’ve tried with all of my might to ignore the ignited flame of love but, my heart feeds on the love.

This pain I feel cannot be cured with the sweetness of morphine. It cannot be cured by the pureness of Genesis.

Erase the virtues for no one deserves the right to say, “I lived” until they have felt the magic of being loved by you. But, for this moment, I patiently count each raindrop until the moon shines the path to you.


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