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Good Peer Pressure vs. Bad Peer Pressure

Peer pressure or social pressure, can happen anywhere, to anyone. First off, what is peer/social pressure? Peer/social pressure is when you do something or change your attitude toward something because of the influence of others. For example, skipping class because others are doing it and making you feel like it’s the ‘cool’ thing to do, this is an example of bad peer pressure. This is the most common way peer pressure is seen. It’s seen as bad. However, there is good peer pressure as well. A friend influencing you to do homework is an example of good peer pressure.spring201619

But how do you know if peer pressure is good or bad?

Well to distinguish good from bad is mostly common sense. You know that the peer pressure is bad if it makes you feel uncomfortable or you know it’s wrong. Just because it seems ‘cool’ doesn’t always make it right.

Remember, you have a mind of your own. You make your own decisions. Choose the right influences you want in your life. People who want you to do something you’re not okay with are not friends, or good people to have around.

Peer pressure can have any effect, bad or good. It’s up to you to make the choice that is best for you and not give into the wrong influence.


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