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Julia Gorban: Who’s that Girl?

Julia Gorban

Julia GorbanJulia Gorban recently scored the lead role in the popular musical, Les Misérables as Cosette. She nailed the high notes with ease; a milestone that seemed impossible a few years ago. “When you sing those notes, it is the greatest feeling; a feeling of achievement,” Julia said.

The performer knew she had a long way to go before even considering an audition as a singer. “Going from not being a very good singer just a few years ago to beating some great singers and getting the role most sopranos dream of was probably my greatest accomplishment so far,” Julia said. The 5′ 5″ brunette trains as a lyric coloratura soprano and sings both opera and musical, theatre styles, as well as classical crossover.

Born in Kiev, Ukraine, to a Russian mother and Ukrainian father, this powerhouse is no stranger to the stage. She has had her share of performing on stage over the last decade in shows like The Wizard of Oz, Hamlet and Roméo et Juliette. Les Misérables was her third musical and perhaps the greatest accomplishment of her career thus far. Gorban said she needed this big break that Les Misérables offers. It fueled her confidence and passion to pursue a full-time career as an actor.

In her third year of university, she found herself gravitating towards Performing Arts and decided to give her larger- than-life voice a chance. Always wanting to do more, at the age of 11, Gorban knew that she wanted it all. She decided to try dancing and admitted she wasn’t very good at first. At age 15, she dusted herself off and tried again but this time she was determined to master the art. By age 17, she was performing on stage at various events. She has since trained in and performed different dance styles, including the waltz, tango, ballet, jazz, folk and tap.

Hoping to make a dent into the world of acting, Julia knows there are sacrifices to be made in an area as competitive as acting. The performer believes there’s no such thing as routine in the world of art. “That’s the beauty of it,” she said. With her demanding lifestyle, Julia tries to perfect her vocals by singing a few hours each day, rehearsing monologues, as well as practicing her dance routines.

As a young child, Julia was quite energetic and hyperactive with a knack for reading. She began reading at the tender age of 2. The extraordinarily talented singer, dancer and actor, speaks an impressive seven languages (4 fluently). At age 6, she fell in love with acting and was adamant this is what she was born to do. “Acting has been something I was always passionate about since grade one,” the striking beauty explained. She continued by saying “I remember putting on school plays and making up my own skits and performing them.” Julia later turned those dreams into reality with her appearance in various short films and videos such as Phantom of the Opera (fan film), Morning in Barcelona, and Gravity.

As a teenager, she was bullied, but her quick thinking to pay no attention to the bullies paid off. As time passed by, her bullies apologized to her and one of them even asked her out on a date. Julia admitted,sum1618 “It was a pleasure saying no, although I did forgive them.” Julia believes those who bully are probably faced with deeper issues. When asked her take on one of mental health, Julia responded, “There’s no shame in taking care of your mental health.” She believes mental health is equally as important as physical health.

Inspired by Angelina Jolie, Julia has great admiration for the way Jolie lives her life to the fullest, do charitable work despite talks of her controversial life in her younger days. “She is definitely inspirational and very influential with lots of people admiring her for who she is right now.” Gorban would encourage others to follow their dreams because life is short. She hopes to fulfill a few things on her bucket list which consists of performing on Broadway and travel the globe.

Julia collaborates with experts in areas where she feels underexposed. “Being able to be anyone you want is really a great advantage of being an actor,” Julia explained.  She believes one gets to explore different areas of life, “live” in different time periods, and experience being someone you aren’t in real life. Julia encourages every woman to live her life to the fullest, a rule of thumb she lives by. She hopes to inspire others and give them hope to pursue their passion.

When the talented and vivacious Julia is not in studio or on stage, you will find her on the catwalk or at a photo shoot striking a pose or perhaps on a field horse backing.

Gorban is currently studying at the Second City in Chicago for Acting and Improv in the USA. She hopes to leave her mark as a person whose life and career inspires others to follow their dreams. Julia’s impressive list of accomplishments along with her boundless talent, paired with her beauty is one to reckon with. She heads to New York this summer to audition for a few shows and maybe even set her foot on the stages of a few New York theatres.


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