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Living and Dying

With the work I do I often come in contact with doomed people, people who have been told by traditional text book doctors to prepare for their end, “You are dying”, they are told.  This is a lie. It is a lie on many fronts, first of all if we use the medical term “dying”, it is a flawed term. The term is both half full and half empty at the same time. You see from the moment our father’s sperm fertilized our mothers egg The “dying” clock started, each tic in our clock is numbered and never returns; we are all “dying” most of us just don’t know when or how much time is remaining on our clocks. And Secondly, our concept of dying is wrong the act of death is in fact the process when our physical bodies no longer function. The act of death only affects the body but not the consciousness. Death is an important part of our overall existence it is not the end of our existence.

sum1624We are as caterpillars slowly awaiting the day that we transform and our true existence and our true form which is a conscious living energy, or soul as it is some time referred as released.  Physical form on the other hand is nothing more than a shell that allows us to interact with this world of matter for a finite period of time. We are thought living within consciousness, we are consciousness living within imagination and we are imagination living inside a dream.

You are probably asking by what process I came by to know that existence began well before our flesh and shall continue long after. I speak from personal experience.  I have had many beautiful examples of personal encounters that I have had which have left little doubt in regards to the true nature of our existence and the purpose of life and death.

I have also been present both in physical and in energy at the passing of several individuals and what they have showed me after their flesh had failed and only their consciousness remained has proven to me that our current life is not our complete existence. These experiences’ have proven to me that our existence can span many completely different lives like chapters in a book “Your birth was not the beginning; your death is not the end; they are but different chapters in the book of your experiences titled your existence, the great book of your existence.”

These experiences have taught me that it is foolish to fear ‘death’ they have taught me that although there are horrible and terrifying ways to die, death itself is not and should not be considered horrible or terrifying. Death itself is like moving from one chapter in your book to the next and when one chapter ends you begin a new one.

Consider one thing if you will, our bodies are designed to die typically within 80 years or less. Trees on the other hand have been known to live for thousands of years some of the oldest trees are approximately 10,000 years old. There are also animals whose life spans drafts our own considerably. And then there is the “Immortal Jelly Fish”, a creature which is truly immortal. When the jelly reaches a certain age it literally ages in reverse and then stops and starts maturing all over again in an endless never ending cycle.

Scientist have now begun to argue that there is no reason why our physical bodies could not repair itself indefinitely from the ravages of the aging process or trauma to the body. Case in point our liver.  Our liver can repair and regenerate itself very easily from the loss of over 75% of its mass because it was programmed to do so, despite that fact that the liver is one of the most complex organs in our bodies it has the ability to self-repair itself providing enough of the liver remains to maintain the body until the repairs to the liver are complete. So why can’t other less complex organs regenerate and repair itself?

sum1622After hundreds of years of study Scientist came to the conclusion that we are genetically programmed to die. They concluded that we could have just as easily been programmed to be immortal. The first logically question is why? Why must we die and why 80 years and not 200 years or 10 years.  The answer is death is a reset button.  When our consciousness manifest in the flesh we build a world of physical experiences for that flesh to interact with. For example, we may come in this world as a 6”2 Asian man, living in great poverty in Canada in the 1900 century, born with only 1 arm and with a heart condition. We experience many things in this form and then we die “reset” and come back as an Indian woman, 5’ 2” with no physical challenges and born to great wealth in Germany in the 2000 century. Each one of these lives are different chapters in your great book of existence.

Where we as a whole go wrong and fear creeps in is when we forget this quote of mine which sums it up. “Your birth was not the beginning; your death is not the end; they are but different chapters in the book of your experiences titled your existence, the great book of your existence.”

If my life in this world was measured in seconds would I rage at the storm and curse all the worlds or cherish every moment and find love in every second. – Pat



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