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Magic Never Dies

Magical Arts Specialist, Jack was born in Riga, Latvia, a country in Europe. As a young boy, he was an average kid with a life full of trials and tribulations. Always aiming for the stars, Jack longed for a taste of success and began to experiment with life itself in order to escape his difficult childhood. At the tender age of 6, Jack knew he was going to be an entertainer after watching Jim Carrey in the movie, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. With the inspiration of Jim Carrey, Osho, X-Men and several fighters, he decided to explore the world of acting, which he enjoyed, but felt incomplete. Always pushing the envelope, Jack made the transition from being an actor to a musician. Once again, it was not quite the entertainment he had hoped for. Shortly after, the entertainer went back to the drawing board and then something magical happened; he began weaving his magic.

Jack believes ‘magic never dies’ and decided to try his hand in magic. After his fair share of fame and success in the
entertainment industry, Jack was contented with his accomplishments and felt he had spring201631achieved his goals in life. The Magical Arts Specialist decided to drop his cards and enroll in a local university to start what would seem like a ‘normal’ life, but Jack quickly realized it was a terrible mistake and eventually returned to his true love, magic.

Named as one of the top 15 magicians in Toronto, Canada in 2015, the entertainer continues to make waves with rave reviews and accolades. Jack performed in many countries around the world with each show being uniquely different. Many fans would love the ability to read minds, but such a powerful gift bestowed upon Jack would most likely drive a person insane. The Magical Arts Specialist conducted television performances and numerous live shows including celebratory gatherings that amazed the audience with his uniqueness and performance style.

Jack is well loved for his humbleness and interaction with his fans along with his high energy and mind boggling performances, which leaves them craving more. The entertainer is constantly customizing new and original acts for his appearances including his upcoming shows in 2016.

When asked about his thoughts on perfecting one area of art verses exploring other interests in the field, he replied, “There is no such thing as perfection.” The Magical Arts Specialist believes those who strive for perfection will never achieve it and explains the importance of exploring various interests in a given field. He believes only then one is able to master that particular field.

The Magical Arts Specialist was asked to share his thoughts on mental health, especially the growing epidemic worldwide of suicide, without hesitation, he replied, “It’s a pretty serious and underestimated topic. There is a drastic amount of people suffering from various mental health disorders.” The entertainer condemns cyber bullying and thinks that any kind of bullying is unacceptable. “People bully only to feel some sort of power,” Jack explained. “Reality is that they are weak and crying for attention. Don’t let it affect you.”

The entertainer expressed with One1 e-Magazine, his dreams to make big contributions to the world. He remains passionate about the unnecessary abuse and senseless killing of animals. “Provide people with second changes, motivate them,” Jack explained. He implores celebrities to take a stance on these major issues.

The fearless Magical Arts Specialist believes most people cannot fathom what magic really is. “Magicians these days don’t even understand what magic is,” Jack continued. “I am inspired by life, while others are inspired by other people. I focus on winning. They focus on winners.” Jack does not live a routine life, but lives each day differently.

spring201630Even though many magicians disagree with Jack’s philosophy, he would like to advise future magicians to get a few books, learn a few tricks and work on perfecting their performances. “Many magicians focus on mastering the tricks and they lose the time to work on their performance,” he explained. “Magic is an unexplainable feeling. You don’t know what it is, but you just want more of it. This is why I say that you cannot do magic.  He continued by saying one cannot feel magic but you can, however, bring the feeling of magic into someone else’s life. “That is what differentiates me from others,” the entertainer concluded.

The gifted Magical Arts Specialist remains grounded and grateful for the struggles he endured in his earlier years and believes everything happens for a reason. He admits his past has shaped him into the person he is today and would not change anything. “If I change the past, the present will be different,” Jack hopes to be remembered as the ‘King of Entertainment.’





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