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Managing Life’s Stresses

Our lives teeter between an unrelenting whirlwind of chaotic demands and unending and merciless torrent of unreasonable requests. Our lives consist of insatiable, forever wanting offspring to at times uncompromising spouses. Our lives dance to the whip of uncompromising taskmasters while we cower in fear from relentless hordes of collectors and never ending obligations. The specter of crime, terrorism and war is never far, they hide in the shadows but now they also stand brazenly in the light, no longer do they just confront us in the cover of the night.  The fear of losing our jobs is just around the corner. We are constantly reminded by the brother, the sister, the neighbour who is still looking for work, any work.

These are our lives. This is what greets us when we wake, and at the other end, robs our nights of blissful sleep and drowns our restless and unsettled dreams in anxiety and worry.

Despite this, we must endure. Despite this, we must not only endure, we must move forward and thrive not only for ourselves but for those who love us and depend on us. How we cope with these challenges defines us. We can be as a solid unmoving brick wall which allows only two options, shatter or repel all that comes against us or the only other option a wall has, which is to shatter and break when confronted by the universe.

Or we can be as a soft and gentle blade of grass. No matter how hard the winds blows against a blade of grass or how long the wind blows eventually the blade of grass will rise when the storm passes.  No matter how many rocks are thrown at the blade of grass it will not be harmed, the blade of grass will bend and twist in every direction, but it will not break.  A brick wall will not bend, a brick wall can only break or be broken, a brick wall can only wait patiently for the inevitable force of something stronger than it that will shatter it forever.

To cope with the chaos in the world be a blade of grassspring201613,not a brick wall. Allow the chaos to move around you, confront the chaos by not confronting it and instead accept it, navigate it. When confronted by the chaos of our lives ask yourself, If I were a blade of grass what would I do? I have just been knocked down by a loss. A blade of grass would bend and then straighten back up and continue to move forward, growing in the light. The winds of chaos are blowing around me, what would a blade of grass do? A blade of grass would twist and turn in every direction not allowing the winds to shatter it. And when the chaos subsides as it must, the blade of grass would straighten up, stand tall and continue to grow in the light.To aid you in this outlook on life, I would encourage you to discover and practice meditation. I would recommend using a guided meditation at first until you are comfortable meditating on your own. When chaos happens in your life as it will, visualize that you are a blade of grass, sense the chaos moving around you and feel nothing. Acknowledge all the chaos in your universe and feel it as a strong but inconsequential breeze, feel yourself bend and sway with the chaos and know that the chaos will eventually subside and when it does you will still be there.  Know that when the chaos subsides as it must that you will straighten up and continue to grow in the light. You are not a brick wall you are a gentle blade of grass and the winds of chaos are temporary and they will pass, they cannot harm you, nor can they hold you down. Take comfort in this truth. Take comfort in the truth that even a cut blade of grass will continue to grow, no insect bite or hoof can for ever lay low a blade of grass. Now prepare in a moment to close your eyes. Feel your breath move in and out of your lungs. See the breath move in and out of your nose. Now picture in your mind’s eye that blade of grass moving in step with your breath as it leaves your body causing the blade of grass to gently sway back and forth as if it were tied to your breath by an invisible string. Keep that image in your mind’s eye and then in just a few moments close your eyes for 60 seconds while you keep the image in your mind. Now close your eyes for 60 seconds. Regardless of if you were able to visualize the image or even hold the image for more than a few heart beats you have taken the first steps towards being as a blade of grass.

“If we are too afraid to try, then nothing is possible. If we are brave enough to believe, then everything is possible.” ~ Pat


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