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Saree: Dignifying and Alluring

Once worn predominantly by Indian women, sarees have received rave reviews and are worn by women around the world. Hollywood A-Listers including Selena Gomez, Oprah Winfrey, Halle Berry, Julia Roberts and Madonna are no strangers to the popular Indian wear. The versatility and elegance of this quintessential garment is the main reason for its popularity and can be traced way back to the Indus Valley Civilizations. Each region in the Indian subcontinent has certainly perfected its own distinct saree texture, weave, and style over the centuries.

For many centuries, the designers and weavers were the master of their craft in India. Vegetable dyes were used to print designs on sarees, using wooden blocks carved with precision, and fashionable patterns brought into India with the arrival of the British, Portuguese, and French.

The vibrant colours represent the moods and are partially ruled by custom. The colours red, green and yellow are auspicious and festive in the Indian culture. Red evokes passion and is primarily a bridal colour worn by a Hindu bride while a pure white saree can be seen on widows which symbolizes life without a husband; live without colour.

Sarees are great for camouflaging the unwanted pounds. Opt for a darker shade saree with no border or narrow borders for the illusion of a slim and tall look while lighter shades and larger prints accentuate flaws. With possibly a hundred ways to drape a saree, a woman can easily style it to appear formal then transform into an informal outfit. YouTube offers full instructions on draping a saree.


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