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Students and Stress

Stress is a term that we hear more and more often. Unfortunately, stress is not limited to adults. Students and children can also become victims of stress. Students spend quite a bit of their day at schools and as a result, teachers and staff may observe certain behaviours that may suggest your child is stressed. They include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Social isolation
  • Expressions of general unhappiness over extended periods of time
  • Frequent lateness or absences from school
  • Inability to focus for extended periods of time
  • Extreme restlessness or irritability
  • Recent loss of self-esteem
  • Physical complaints without a medical cause (i.e. headache, stomach ache, etc.)spring201632

Although there may include a variety of reasons why a child may be stressed, one of the common reasons students become stressed is due to test anxiety. Jim Wright offers a number of effective study habits, tips and strategies that students, with guidance from their parents and teachers, may find beneficial. Visit for complete list. Here are just a few:

  • Make a general study schedule to avoid time drains – a lot of time is sometimes wasted on watching TV, internet surfing, mobile devices, etc. Leisure activities can take away from study time.
  • Arrive for a test prepared – arrive to school and class on time. Bring all necessary materials. Get a good night’s sleep. Recognize that your main focus for the day is to do well on the test.
  • Preview a test before beginning – look over all the sections of the test prior to beginning to write. Look at the point values of each test and plan your time accordingly.
  • When in doubt, guess – it’s better to give an answer than to leave a question blank.

In the end, if your child is experiencing stress due to school, speak to your child’s teacher or administrator. There is a lot of information and resources offered to school boards to support your child’s mental health and well-being.


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