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ONE1 Team

Ashley Sawh – Publisher and Managing Director

Ashley Sawh was a recipient of the ‘Business Woman of the Year 2014 Award’, an achievement recognized by her peers. She was also the recipient of a ‘Business Communications Award’. She has certificates in ‘Business Management Skills’ and ‘Business Writing Skills’. Ashley is a supporter of the North York Women’s Shelter, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and is a partner with the Angel Foundation for Learning. She is also actively involved in the fight against bullying, especially among children. Ashley has been re-elected for the fourth time as the Chair of the Parent Council at her children’s school, and it is her fifth year as member of the Safe School Planning Committee. Whenever time permits, she pursues her hobby as a fashion stylist and freelance model as well as organizing and choreographing at fashion shows. Ashley can also be heard giving fashion tips and ideas on a local radio show.

LisaLisa Robles, Editor

Lisa Robles is an Instructional Designer in the Learning and Development field. Growing up, Lisa enjoyed writing short stories, poetry, reading and has kept a diary since she was 10 years old. She continues to write as a hobby. Lisa holds an Honours B.A. from the University of Toronto, and one day hopes to write that novel. In her spare time, she volunteers extensively in her community, most recently with the TCDSB Advisory Committee for Spanish speaking communities. Lisa has travelled around the globe for the last 20 years and has been to six of the seven continents. Her passion for self improvement motivates Lisa to her next challenge, climbing Mount Elburs in Russia or cruising to Antartica in 2018.

TonyTony Wang, Graphic Designer

Tony Wang is a graduate from the University of Toronto where he specialized in Visual Studies and Architectural Design majors. He began studying art from a young age and developed a passion for the designing and creative process. Tony is a freelance graphic designer involved in various disciplines of graphic design in the greater Toronto area.

TanujaTanuja Benni, Marketing Executive and Writer

Tanuja Benni brings a comprehensive knowledge of the world of entertainment to One1 e-Magazine. She has a solid standing in television, radio and Youtube hosting. Tanuja has also had her fair share of interviewing numerous entertainment personalities, which has given her the confidence to think and respond on the spot. The New Jersey writer has an educational background in Biology, which she plans on digging into while she brings us the beautiful world of vineyards, wines and foods. Since Tanuja also has a passion for charity, especially those involving children, she will be contributing educational and entertaining science pieces specifically for children at One1 e-Magazine.

markMark Joseph, IT (Web Developer)

Mark Joseph is well versed in IT industry with over 10 years of experience. He first began his interest in IT at the age of 12, with learning operating system installations and disassembling computers. This quickly became a hobby and ultimately a lifelong passion. Over the years, Mark has expanded his knowledge of IT procedures and policies by learning various programming languages, operating systems, networking protocols, and various server technologies. Mark has learned to hone his skills by constantly practicing and improving on his ever expanding skill set.

RoccoRocco DiDomizio, Writer

Rocco Di Domizio holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Education. Rocco has been an educator for over 26 years in Toronto. He has been an administrator since 2001 and an elementary school principal since 2004. When not serving the children under his care, Rocco spends a lot of time with his family. Rocco also enjoys gardening and golfing.

PatriciaPatricia Thomas, Writer

Patricia Thomas is a certified group fitness instructor and Reebok spin instructor. She specializes in weight training, spinning and sculpting. Patricia has enjoyed working with all body types since her group fitness-instructing career kicked off in May of 2003. She has always been surrounded by sports and athletics. In high school, Patricia participated in every sport and did well in track and field. She believes that it is then that the foundation for her passion, dedication and success in athletics and fitness was formed.

MaryMary Pateras, Writer

Though jewelry-making began as an accidental love, it quickly grew into an enthralling passion for fashion jewelry designer Mary Pateras. She then later attended numerous classes, which enabled her to design jewelry that reflects simple, yet urban and infused inspiration. Her designer jewelry results in unique, wearable works of art. She is devoted to the development of her fashion jewelry line.

ChristineChristine Latchana, Writer

Christine Latchana is a writer who studied Nutrition and Business Management. She is the founder of a non-profit organization, Imagine Nation Foundation, dedicated to providing educational, recreational and nutritional resources to children in Guyana.

 KaleighKaleigh Sawh, Writer

Kaleigh Sawh enjoys writing fan-fiction, fiction and poems. Her short stories are posted on Wattpad, where she has more than 2000 views in just two months. Kaleigh has been writing since she was five. Her teacher took a keen interest in her writing and has encouraged her to continue on her path to becoming an author, even though her main goal is to become a zoologist, focusing on the studies of pandas. Kaleigh is a member of the leadership program at her school and sits on the Safe School Planning Committee. As part of the License to Learn program in Toronto, she tutors Grade 3 students in preparation for their provincial testing. Kaleigh enjoys sketching portraits and playing the clarinet during her leisure time.

ShamarShamar Persaud, Writer

Shamar Persaud is in tenth grade and has a passion for writing. He recently achieved the runner-up position at his school’s 7th grade talent show for lip-syncing. Shamar also lives with dystonia, which results in muscular spasms and abnormal posture. Shamar admits that having this condition is a challenge, but that it will not prevent him from aspiring to be a writer, director and/or possibly an actor in his later years. “There is an invisible bar above me and I am going to do everything in my power to reach above it. I know I can make a difference. I wanted to prove to world, what I proved to myself, that everyone is capable of anything.”

ChrisChristopher Powell, Writer

Christopher Powell is a graduate of Liaison Culinary College in Canada. As a young boy, he spent his free time working at his father’s catering company, learning the art of food. Since his father is also a Red Seal Chef and has been for over twenty years, it was no surprise he followed in his father’s footsteps and took on the culinary world with a twist of his own. Christopher has appeared on Canada’s Rogers TV and the Day Time Durham Show.


JohnisaJohnisa Walcott, Writer

Johnisa Walcott has won the Presidential Award of Academic Excellence, a Suma Award, the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists Award of Excellence, the American Legion Certificate of School Award and the Principle’s Award. Johnisa is a member of the Honor Societies and the Torch and Laurel, and the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS). She plays the piano and mallets (her favourite being the marimba) in her school’s band. She will be joining her fellow band members for a performance in Ireland during Spring. When she is not paving the road to a medical career, Johnisa writes, sketches and plays basketball.

VictoriaVictoria Heditsch, Writer

Victoria’s interest in writing started at the age of five. She first started documenting her daily doings in a diary, which blossomed into a passion for writing short stories. When she isn’t writing, the thirteen year old focuses on her dreams of becoming a professional model.

image1 (1)Stephen Patel, Writer

Stephen Patel holds a Bachelor of Arts, Education and Master’s Degrees, respectively. He has been in education for over seventeen years. He has been in administration since 2013. Steven is a proud new parent and enjoys writing, reading, coaching, and celebrating all aspects of his cultural identity.