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The Colours of Jade

Jade is hard stone, usually a green stone, made of jadeite and nephrite.  It is also found in other colours such as white, orange, yellow, black and lavender. Not only is jade stunning and beautiful, it’s durable and dates back thousands of years, even back to the Stone Age, where weapons, jewellery and tools were made. The magnificent, dazzling stone was polished by craftsman to also make beautiful sculptures.
It’s so amazing that the finest jadeite is almost transparent with a dynamic emerald-green color, which is also known as Imperial Jade.  Over the past decade, this finest jade has fetched $3,000 an ounce making it more expensive than gold. Chinese jade has been popular and loved for many years.  Chinese women love to flatter themselves with this gorgeous jade stone. It compliments their skin tones.


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