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The Squad Initiation

I walked out the door for another day of what seems to be a long hard year of high school. It’s not the classes that I think are hard, but my social ‘position’/‘rank’ at school.  There is this one group of girls who are very popular, swag, and let’s say well known in school. Pretty much every girl wants to be like them or a part of their group, including me. It would just seem so cool to have other people look up to me rather than me looking up at them.

Anyways, once I get to school of course I see Roxie (leader of the group) and the other girls near the front doors just talking. I quietly walk past them hoping not to be noticed by them. Even though they are the most popular, they are rude and can be bullies. That being said, I kind of still want to be a part of their group. I’m not really that type of girl though. I’m not the prettiest, I wear glasses, about 5’ 2” tall and let’s say pleasantly plumped, otherwise I’m pretty much an average girl.

“Hi, Jennifer right?” Roxie asked. “Yes.” I said shyly. How does she know my name and why does she want to talk to me out of everyone else?

 “Hey, do you want to be a part of our little group?” she said with the rest of her friends smirking behind her.

“Really?” I asked thinking this must be a joke.

“Ya, but first I need you to do a few things for me.” She responded.

“Sure, like what?” I sheepishly replied wanting to know what I’m about to get myself into.

“You’ll find out. Just think of this as some sort of initiation to be with us,” she responded. “Meet us here after school at 5:30 pm.”

“Okay?” I agreed, but a bit unsure. This is a huge opportunity but I don’t want this to affect my grades. I am an honour student and my parents would kill me if my grades began to drop.

After school, I quickly got home and rummaged through my closet to find something to wear that’ll make a real good first impression to the group. I picked out a pair of denim jeans and a nice white sweater and quickly rushed out of the door. The clock read 5:15 pm. Perfect! I’m going too early! I ran out of the door.

Once I arrive at school, I look around and it seems that the girls aren’t here, but to be fair I did show up 10 minutes early considering it took me five minutes to get here. Finally, they show up at 6:00 pm. They’re 30 minutes late!

“Oh! Jennifer when did you get here, 5:20?” Roxie laughed.

“Actually, yes I did,” I replied timidly.

“Oh well, if you’re going to be a part of our group then you have to let go of this ‘goody two-shoes’ thing you got going on,” she said.

“Oh, okay.” I said quietly not rethinking this whole thing.

“Don’t worry about it but before you can become a member of ‘the squad’ you have to do a few things.” Roxie smirked.

“Like what?” I asked curiously as my lips quivered.

“We’ll let you know when we are ready” she responded.

“For now, we’ll focus on you looking like you’re a part of our group.” Taylor who is another member of the group squealed in the back. “Oh, I have so many cute outfits for her to try on.”

“Calm down Taylor,” Roxie rolled her eyes.

“Okay!” Taylor said as her smile faded into a frown.

“Well, we’ll see you tomorrow,” Roxie said and walked away leading Taylor and the other girls.

Once I got home, I saw my mom sitting at the kitchen table and decided to go tell her about the whole situation.

“Good afternoon. Ummm, mom?” I said.

“Yes Jennifer?” she replied knowing something was on my mind. I explained the whole fitting-in and being a part of Roxie’s group. “Honey, it doesn’t matter what people think about you and I don’t think it is a good idea to join that group of girls. They sound like trouble.”

“I know but this is my chance to be a part of the most popular group of girls in the entire school. Isn’t that so cool?” I said.

“Listen thank you for talking to me about this, but I don’t want you to hang out with those girls. They’re bad news and we can’t have them affect you and your grades.” she replied.

“But mom that’s unfair. You haven’t even met them before?”

“I’m sorry Jen, but no hanging out with those girls. End of discussion,” she said walking away.

This is so unfair. She hasn’t even met those girls enough to know they’re not bad news, but to be fair, neither do I. I’m still going to hang out with them.

The next day, I saw Roxie waiting for the rest of the girls so I decided to approach her. “Hey Jennifer,” she smiled.

“Hi Roxie. Um, can you tell me what I have to do to be a part of the group now?” I asked.

“Not as yet. We need the rest of the girls to be here,” she whispered.

“Oh, okay. Well, I think I’m going to head to class now,” I said before I was stopped by Roxie.

“No. Why don’t you stay with us for a while?” she asked with a smile on her face.

“You mean skip class?”

“Ya. You haven’t skipped class before?” Roxie asked.

“Pfft. Ya of course.” I lied.

“Cool. So you won’t mind missing next period as well right?” she asked knowing I lied.

“No. I can’t,” as I stuttered. She smirked.

“I knew you lied, but I need to get you out of this good girl behaviour and into someone more daring.” She said.

“How?” I asked.

“Oh you’ll see.” She smiled. Just then, Taylor and the other girls arrived. “Hey Taylor.”

“Jennifer, I have so many cute outfits for you to try. Let’s go try them on,” she said holding up a bag and dragging me to the girl’s washroom.

“Are we going to miss class?” I asked nervously.

“Yup but who cares you are going to look so cute,” Taylor said stuffing me in a stall giving me one of her many outfits.

After a while of trying on outfits, I final found one that’s at least comfortable. It was a pair of black jeans and a grey sparkly sweater. I missed one full period just because I was trying on things, but luckily Roxie said we weren’t missing another one.

When we got to class, of course we had to be late, thanks to Roxie. “Ms. Jennifer why are you late?” Mr. Harpenson said.

“Oh I was…umm,” I stuttered. Roxie glared at me and I didn’t know what to do.” I was preparing myself to have to listen to your boring class again,” I blurted as an excuse.

“JENNIFER!” he exclaimed while everyone in the class was giggling. “Jennifer you have just gotten detention after school.” Oh no, what did I do.

“Nice work Jen,” Roxie smirked, “keep making moves like that and you are with us for sure.”

The class continued and Mr. Harpenson would give me glares every so often. After school, I had to stay at school while everyone else left because I had detention. During detention my mom texted asking where I was and I didn’t exactly know what to tell her so I didn’t respond. Then, about 5 minutes later she called. “Umm, sir my mom is calling. Can I please answer this?” I asked nervously.

“Sure” Mr. Harpenson said flatly. When I answered and explained to my mom that I’m in detention she was furious because I’ve never done anything like this ever in my life. She started yelling and hung up on me. Now I was afraid to go home. When detention was over I walked home and tried to sneak into the house without being noticed. “Jennifer!” mom said.

“Yes mom,” I said a bit scared knowing I had disobeyed my mom. “I heard about what you did at school. Why did you do that? It is very unlike you, Jennifer Ann Morrano! Wait, are you still hanging out with those girls?” she asked looking at me. “No!” I said. “Okay, but if this happens again you’re grounded,” she said then stormed off.

Over the next few days, similar situations happened mainly because Roxie has been telling me to skip class and I didn’t want to upset her. I want to be popular too. Plus even if I tried to deny skipping they would always threaten to leave me behind.Spring201621

Then, on Friday morning when I got to school, Roxie and the other girls came up to me. “Hey Jen. We have one more task for you to do,” Roxie said.

“Ok what is it?” I said quite hesitantly. “We need you to steal my record from the principal’s office.” she said smiled like it was nothing.

“Why?” I asked as my teeth chattered.

“It’s because when we go to college, I don’t want them knowing what I’ve done in high school,” she said.

“Roxie, I can’t do that. It would be very bad if I got caught,” I said.

“Well, then don’t get caught,” she said.

“Excuse me Roxie, but my daughter isn’t going to do what you are telling her,” mom said with a firm voice behind me.

“Mom what are you doing here?” I asked confused and shocked. “You forgot your lunch money, but apparently I came at the right time,” she replied angrily.

“Whatever. Oh and Jennifer, forget about the whole getting-into-our-group because obviously you aren’t a team player,” Roxie said and walked away once again leading Taylor and the rest of the girls.

“Listen Jennifer, I told the principal about everything and he agreed to give you just a warning this time and took it away from your record, but don’t let Roxie and the other girls pressure you to do these things again,” mom said with her firm voice.

The principal will be keeping an eye on you just in case.

“Thanks mom.” I smiled and hugged her.

“I love you sweetheart and next time just tell me what is going on,” she said with tears in her eyes.

“Okay mommy,” I agreed. “Well I’m going to get going. I don’t want you missing class again.” she laughed then walked to her car. I walked into the school and then avoided Roxie and the other girls.

So, over the next few months, I made a couple new friends who were the opposite of Roxie and liked me for me. So now I know if someone is pressuring me to do something, I should tell an adult especially my parents.


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