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Two Dominating Traits of Humans

It is said that the human race is a complex species. We have behaviors that may never be fully understood. Perhaps the worst and best qualities humans possess are insecurity and generosity. Insecurity is defined as someone lacking in confidence or experiencing degrees of uncertainty or anxiety about themselves. It is like an infection of the brain that affects everything a person does. It can make a person feel inadequate when they may be more than capable. I can admit that I have had my bouts of insecurities. I felt like I couldn’t do, say, or wear certain things because I was too worried about the opinions of others. I have learned, however, that all these thoughts were in my head. They were painful lies and a horrible trait experienced by many. Over time these fears will lessen as one understands that one should rely on yourself to face the world.UntilOne1_Fall_2015-34 then, we would all have to fight to control the bowed heads, and the ‘ums’, ‘buts’ and ‘I don’t knows’ of insecurity. But where there is bad, there is also good, and generosity can definitely be a good quality. Generosity translates to a trait that shows a readiness to give something, like time or charity, without expecting anything in return. As humans, we have an inborn trait of wanting to give. That is perhaps why most experience their heart getting warm and fuzzy when they give to those in need. The act of generosity shows that someone cares, even if it’s towards a stranger. It is amazing that trait can move a person to make another day brighter. This can also make your day brighter. Since this trait is a win-win, there is no doubt that generosity is one of the best qualities humans possess.

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